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One of the leading garage door service providers in Austin, Texas. Unless you are fine with having poor garage security all day and night, you should be in talks with a reputable source of assistance.

Irrespective of the kind of issue you are facing with your garage door, you can count on us to be there whenever you call. Our technicians come with several years of experience in providing an array of overhead door services—from custom installs to residential/commercial garage door repairs.

What we can do for you

Garage Door Installation

With several years of experience in the provision of our unmatched solutions, Golden Garage Door Services is proudly a sought-after agency for garage door installations

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Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial real estate facilities need to be operated efficiently on all levels to ensure seamless business activities and protect the bottom line of the company.

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About US

Golden Garage Door Services, having been operating in Austin, TX for a couple of years, is a trusted name in the market.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive and competitively-priced solutions tailored to meet your garage door needs. As we remain committed to delivering quality services, we guarantee you the very best when it comes to fixing and garage doors. Rest assured we always favor the top-tier approach, whether it is a small repair or a huge replacement project.

Most people do not realize it, but a garage door takes up to 40 percent of a property’s frontage. For this reason, we strive to deal with premium products from trusted manufacturers and employ only professionals to help you install, maintain and repair your garage door investments.

Golden Garage Door Services is a proud partner of some of the best-known producers and suppliers of garage doors and accessories—including Clopay, Amarr, and Chamberlain. When you get a problem-free garage door, your property’s beauty and value tremendously increase.

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Golden Garage Door Services was set up and dedicated to customer-centric services for commercial residential and  industrial commercial residential and  industrial commercial residential and  industrial garage doors.

With a track record of multiple successful projects and overly satisfied property owners/managers, we are known for providing unparalleled workmanship, transparent services, friendly prices, and reliable products.

We install, repair, and service steel-craft overhead residential and commercial doors, irrespective of the brand, design, or model. We focus on giving our clients personalized solutions, thanks to our stack of cutting-edge equipment and stellar approach to work.

If you need a seasoned garage technician, we are the local experts you ought to work with around Austin,

Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Kyle, Georgetown, and everywhere in between.

You can trust us to respect your property, protect your interests and offer immense value in return for your consideration. When you hire us, your garage doors are as good as flawless for the next couple of years.

Are you on the lookout for a brand new garage door with more sophisticated security features? Golden Garage Door Services works with a variety of materials, styles, and levels of security. Just bring your needs to us, and we will source a garage door specific to the needs of your property and its entrance system. Should you need a complete replacement in the future, be sure to call us to get it done in record time and at an affordable price. For maintenance and routine checks, our professionals are up to the task to remove unprecedented breakdowns and unnerving malfunctions from the picture. You deserve the peace of mind; so we are here to help you acquire it.

For maintenance and routine checks, our professionals are up to the task to remove unprecedented breakdowns and unnerving malfunctions from the picture. You deserve the peace of mind; so we are here to help you acquire it. For maintenance and routine checks, our professionals are up to the task to remove unprecedented breakdowns and unnerving malfunctions from the picture. You deserve the peace of mind; so we are here to help you acquire it.

What Do we do?

Who does not want to save money when hiring a professional? Well, virtually nobody. Both money and time are precious commodities we should never take for granted or lay to waste.

Everyday living is already complicated enough, so no one needs any more hassles—like a faulty garage door. What we do at Golden Garage Door Services is take the burden off you by offering you the following bespoke services:

Garage Door Repair & Replacement

In our fast-paced lives, garage doors are subjected to lots of use. In America, the average garage door opens and closes 1,500 times per year, as people rev in and out for everything from soccer games to medical appointments. The tons of workout can eventually culminate in cracked panels, chipped paints, and dysfunctional components. Every homeowner with a garage door to consider probably knows that it is important to take related initiatives sooner rather than later. The minor wear, when left untreated, can lead to more substantial problems, sooner than later. When a garage door is damaged, it creates room for pests to gain access and pose a security threat as access becomes somewhat more convenient for intruders. If you find your garage door a little roughed up, you may be losing money, until it finally goes out of order. Unless you are comfortable with letting more outside air in, heating your garage in summer, or freezing it and spending more on air-conditioning, request for a repair or replacement from Golden Garage Door Services. We take away your worries and help you save money.

Garage Door Servicing

For garage door companies like ourselves, offering maintenance plans is a way to bring international solutions closer to the local context. Our technicians can inspect and tune-up your unit according to a schedule, without disrupting domestic activities or causing downtime at your workplace. However, if you are not on a plan, it is advisable to have your garage doors checked no less than once a year to ensure maximum functionality and safety. A good way to ensure your garage door is problem-free is by calling in repairs as and when due. Moreover, it is the surest way to save yourself a fortune in reparation. At Golden Garage Door Services, we have service-oriented technicians that can conduct thorough inspections and lubricate moving parts such as bearings, rollers, hinges, and springs. They will also replace worn-out or damaged parts, tighten loose hardware, adjust the springs and cables, test the safety sensors, and fix the minor operational issues that could turn into costly repairs.

Why choose us?

We Get It; We Get It;

choosing the right service provider for your garage door can be a walk in the woods. With many players on the turf, why should Golden Garage Door Services be your pick?

Small Business, Local Expertise

Beyond supporting a local business, working with a small company, as opposed to a larger service provider, means getting special-trained and attentive technicians to take care of your garage door.

More often than not, handymen from the mega box stores are not in the loop with the models and designs coming into Austin, TX. At Golden Garage Door Services, we often get calls to redo botched jobs—often as a result of wrong personnel.

Collectively, our technicians have decades of experience, so it is just about easy for them to install, repair, replace or service your residential, commercial, or industrial garage door without mishaps. They handle anything your garage door throws at them, but will also leave you with sound use advice.

Certified, Licensed & Insured Technicians

As you may already know, all garage door services are created unequal. At Golden Garage Door Services, we price quality solutions and customer satisfaction above estimates and upfront payments. It is our duty to take the load off you and give you nothing else to worry about.

Our garage door specialists are certified to work in any related capacity, having been trained extensively and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. They have also been licensed by the regulators in the industry and provided with insurance coverage in accordance with the authorities’ directives.

Our workers have all been background-checked, completely uninformed, and well ID’d, so they are easy to identify. On the backs of their training, they will always work according to your budget while bearing your needs in mind. All-round, rest assured your garage door is in good hands.

Emergency Services Round The Clock

A broken or damaged garage door is neither good news nor a convenient development. No one has to wait around several hours for an opener to be repaired or replaced. Understanding this, we offer emergency services round the clock and never fail to show up in your unlikeliest time of need.

Within moments after you call in a request, at least one of our emergency repair technicians will contact you, provide a fee-free estimate, and pin your location. Our extensive offerings are part of the reason we are a trusted provider in these parts; no surprise charges or additional fees, as we strive to be as transparent as possible.

Whether you are in the middle of a garage lockout at night or struggling to close the system early in the morning, you can count on us for immediate and effective assistance. Our support lines are always open and our communications team typically responds in minutes. At Golden Garage Door Services, we take pride in taking away your worries.

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